At Caron Real Estate we consider it our duty to serve those who enable the freedoms all Americans enjoy today. We take great pride in helping Veterans, First Responders, and their families realize the dream of homeownership that they help to protect. Not only do we have over 30 years of experience and a proven record of success, put a special focus on and work to prioritize all VA mortgage loan transactions. No talk, just honest results delivered through hard work, communication, teamwork, and premium rates.

Why Choose Caron Real Estate

  • No Money Down Purchase Transactions
  • Cash Out Refinance Transactions up to 100%
  • No Income Documentation, No Appraisal Refinances:  (VA IRRRL)

  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • VA/HUD Sponsored, VA Delegated Underwriters 
  • VA Lending Experts  
  • Priority Processing and Underwriting

It’s About the Veteran

Knowing our customer is central to our mission. Our Veteran-centered training program helps employees in every role understand the sacrifices and unique needs of our country’s service men and women as well as how we can best serve their needs.

Advantages of VA Mortgage Loan Products:

  • Zero Down Payment. The VA Home Loan Benefit can free you from limitations. With zero down, your choice of home isn’t restricted by your down payment savings. Instead, your money is freed up to use for other purposes: home improvements, education, vacations, or a rainy day fund. Over 20 million Service Members and Veterans have taken advantage of this tremendous benefit.  
  • No PMI, and Other Savings.  Government backing and a funding fee allow lenders to offer VA mortgage loans with zero down payment and with no private mortgage insurance (PMI). These and other benefits of the program have allowed millions to get home loans with money-saving features. In addition to not paying for PMI, other important ways you may save with a VA loan include:

    • Only Eligible Borrowers Get VA Loans. VA mortgage loan eligibility starts with your service, since only eligible borrowers can use this government-backed mortgage program. If you’re unsure whether you have the benefit, or how to use it, we can help. If you’re a Veteran or a surviving spouse, it’s worth your time to explore your eligibility.
    • Uniformed Services Earning VA Loan Benefits: Army* Navy* Air Force* Marines* Coast Guard 

A COE, if obtained through your lender, can be granted instantly if you’re in the VA’s system. All that’s needed is information such as your full name, social security number, and birth date. If you’re not in the VA’s system, you’ll need to acquire it another way. Your lender can help you fill out the correct forms to speed up the process. If you’d rather get your COE on your own, the VA benefits site is a good place to start.