1. The Best I’ve Ever Worked With

    Darrel is the best sales executive I've ever worked with. He has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in people and cultivate talent. He is an unbelievable motivator, driven individual and a proven winner.…Read More

    Jon Irvine
  2. Hard Working & Loyal

    Awesome motivator, superior communications skills, highly knowledgeable of the mortgage lending arena, and an all around great guy. Darrel is the one you want on your team when it comes to driving performance and getting results. Darrel is a hard-working, loyal employee who would be an asset to any firm.…Read More

    Rick Webster
  3. Darrel Understands People

    Darrel was perhaps one of the best managers I have ever had in any career position. Darrel has this unique ability to develop rapport and understand people quickly while at the same time provide the right amounts of structure and freedom that allows people to achieve their highest levels of success. Working with Darrel was both fun and rewarding and allowed me to achieve some of my highest levels …Read More

    Ken Starks
  4. Customer Focused

    Darrel was VP of sales in a mid-sized mortgage banking operation that we both worked for over 7 years (NationPoint). Darrel has natural sales ability and for many years operated in the top 5 salespeople in the firm out of 200 reps. He is customer focused and has a great work ethic, day in and day out. As the company grew, Darrel was promoted into a team manager position where he also excelled. His…Read More

    Michael Petree
  5. Outstanding Work Ethic

    I have had the pleasure of working with Darrel over the last 4 years. As the VP of Production at Nationpoint, Darrel was instrumental in building the relationship between Nationpoint and LendingTree. His leadership efforts brought Nationpoint to be the highest performing purchase money lender on the LendingTree network. His continued dedication and conformance to new initiatives assisted in the su…Read More

    Kyla Rodriguez
  6. Vision, Knowledge, and Ability to Execute

    I've had the pleasure of working with Darrel for almost 12 years. During this time I witnessed Darrel's professional expertise explode as he was instrumental in growing Nationpoint to over 400 employees. Darrel's knowledge of the mortgage banking world is unsurpassed and was a huge asset in the development of his team managers and loan officers below him at Nationpoint. Darrel also played a huge r…Read More

    Mark Ellis
  7. Highly Recommend!

    I learn a lot about a client's business practices, professionalism and integrity when working with them and Darrel and his team get top marks in all categories. I highly recommend Darrel Caron!…Read More

    Debra Scheufler
  8. Above and Beyond Professionalism

    When I purchased my home in 2018, Darrel and his team put me and my family first. They helped me as a home buyer understand my loan terms and helped me get the best rate possible. Their above and beyond professionalism and attention to detail and deadlines got me in my home on schedule and with the confidence that I got the best offer that I could. We were so impressed with their service, that we …Read More

    Elizabeth Chinavare
  9. Integrity, Honesty, and Commitment

    The experience I’m about to share with you needs no sugar added to how sweet the deal was and how smooth it closed. From day one Mr. Caron was as close to the final numbers that we first discussed as anyone could get. In our first conversation I explained to him my ultimate goal was to beat the interest I already had which was 4%. Not only did he beat it he crushed it beyond our expectation. Not…Read More

    Mr. and Mrs. Womack
  10. I Wouldn’t Hesitate to Recommend Darrel Caron

    What motivates you when you’re looking for a realtor? A new listing catch your eye?  Do you already have a real estate agent who discovers your dreams by asking relevant questions? I didn’t need a realtor then, but I did need a loan agent.  Darrel Caron helped my wife and I get a home loan 23 years ago for the first time.  He excelled at a national mortgage company.  Darrel was excellent …Read More

    Gary States