The experience I’m about to share with you needs no sugar added to how sweet the deal was and how smooth it closed. From day one Mr. Caron was as close to the final numbers that we first discussed as anyone could get.

In our first conversation I explained to him my ultimate goal was to beat the interest I already had which was 4%. Not only did he beat it he crushed it beyond our expectation. Not only did he satisfied my husband and my goal he was the most professional, focused and honest lending representative that I ever worked with. We’ve been trying to get a decent interest rate for years in several attempts since we bought the house in June 2011. Mr. Caron said according to the information I gave him he was sure he could beat the rate and he sure did. 

I delivered him clean paperwork and he delivered us a clean closing, even down to the requested due date of closing. He was so patient and professional walking us through a old fashion  loan process, because we didn’t feel comfortable doing Electronic docs. He worked very hard using all his excellent experience and knowledge to satisfy his clients transaction, and satisfied we are.

I cannot close without thanking this gentleman Mr. Caron for his integrity, honesty and commitment to us in his work for us. I hope you appreciate him as much as we do because I doubt if you can appreciate him more than we do.

Mr. and Mrs. Womack