What motivates you when you’re looking for a realtor?

A new listing catch your eye?  Do you already have a real estate agent who discovers your dreams by asking relevant questions?

I didn’t need a realtor then, but I did need a loan agent.  Darrel Caron helped my wife and I get a home loan 23 years ago for the first time.  He excelled at a national mortgage company.  Darrel was excellent in solving problems that were outside traditional real estate banks or saving & loans.  Both had cookie-cutter guidelines.  Those big banks couldn’t help us.  We found Darrel to be genuinely interested in what our goals were.  We didn’t hesitate to make our challenge known:

  1. Put us on a successful path of making home improvements,
  2. Pay off some higher interest credit card debt and when all was said and done
  3. Be making a lower monthly payment each month.

Not only did Darrel’s solution answer those 3 goals, we even got an emergency fund in a savings account. Since then we did use Darrel for a couple more refinances as our needs changed. Mr Caron’s wealth of knowledge of the many changes the lending industry has made over the years is unparalleled.   In fact, many of those Big Banks vanished over the years, but Darrel remains highly successful with a unique perspective.  He’s also become also a successful Realtor and remains on top of his game as a lending expert.

Truth is, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Darrel Caron for both. And I have.

Gary States